Using Primobolan

This is a rather unique steroid, because not only does it come in both an oral form and an injectable form, and it’s got a different ester on both oral and injectable versions. the injectable is Primobolan Enanthate (aka Primobolan Depot) and the oral is primobolan acetate.

Primobolan Composition

Methenolone (Primobolan) is a DHB (Dihydroboldenone) based steroid. Since Methenolone is based on the 5-alpha reduced version of boldenon unlike other DHT based steroids when Methenolone reacts with aromatase it does not form estrogen nor does it aromatize into progesterone.

Primobolan Dosage

Typically dosages vary depending on the user’s objectives and whether it is being used orally or injected. Dosages for Primobolan Depot injections tend to be in the 350-600mgs / week while oral Primobolan would have a recommended dose of 100-200mgs / day.

Because the tablets are fairly pricey, and with how much you have to take, this is not a poor man’s steroid by any measure. However if your health is important to you, and it should be, the price totally makes sense.

Primobolan Potency

It is quite effective at preserving lean body mass when dieting, helping to preserve muscle during a leaning cycle. The Claim that Primobolan tablets help burn fat just because oral primobolan has an acetate ester is a pure myth, the effect is not any different for both the injectable and the oral preparations.

In some circles people will claim deca is more potent than primobolan, This claim really doesn’t take into account the fact that primobolan, unlike deca durabolin, is not calorie dependant, meaning if you’re on a leaning cycle primobolan will be much more effective than decabolin would be at increasing and maintaining lean body mass.

Dissapointing Results

The biggest problem a lot of primobolan users have is disappointment caused by a lack of results, this is typically because primobolan’s reputation for safety tends to draw very safety minded users which are prone to treat primobolan like they would Winstrol Depot or Decabolin and underdose. Underdosing on primobolan is just silly (bear in mind i am not a doctor and you should definitely consult one) because a 30-45mg dose of oral primobolan has been shown to decrease gonadotropin levels by around 15-65% while a typical dose for gains is 100mgs, so bear in mind that taking that amount will likely drastically reduce the amount of natural testosterone your body produces.

Women Using Primobolan

Women using primobolan will want to make sure they do not exceed 6 consecutive weeks of use, doing this will help a female athlete ward off the virilizing effects. Failure to take two weeks off every 4 could put hair on your chest, if you notice ANY virilization discontinue use immediately. A lot of women that have used primobolan have reported great results from 50-100mgs / week.