Primobolan’s Popularity

Primobolan’s popularity has benefited a number of times from something I like to call an “Accidental Endorsement”. These accidental endorsements happen quite frequently and have done rather a lot to enhance the cult status of this anabolic steroid.

The other thing that helps to support Primobolan’s cult status is the very low frequency of side effects. Hearing nothing but good things about a steroid makes people fall in love with it even more.

What is an Accidental Endorsement

An Accidental Endorsement is when a celebrity gets caught using an anabolic steroid during doping tests, these “scandals” tend to become big news fast and dramatically increase awareness of the steroid’s potency, after all, if A-rod is taking it and he’s kicking so much ass, if i take it i’ll rock the world.

The end effect is similar to a pro athlete being a spokesman for the drug, like michael jordan was for nikes, or like olympic athletes for wheaties, except Primobolan did a lot more for Alex Rodriguez’s game than wheaties did for any olympic athlete.

Why Accidental Accidental Endorsements Happen

Primobolan, has gotten quite a few accidental celebrity endorsements. It’s easy to see why, Primobolan is a quite powerful anabolic steroid and just about the only side effect of primobolan is a lighter wallet, but luckily this is easily counteracted by being a pro athlete.

Due partially to the great preformance pressure and the huge influx of money, most pro athletes are at least tempted to try steroids. Now i’m not saying they’ve all given in to it, just that they have all had the opportunity or a brief flash of consideration about the subject.

Losing Your Career Due to What Gave It to You

The list of professional athletes that have taken primobolan is a lot longer than the one I have, but that would be because they didn’t get caught taking it.

In the Quest for Olympic Dominance an athlete can sometimes look to a little chemical training, the pressure to preform is rather mighty, and as a result a lot of athletes have had Primobolan detected in their systems.

Used by Pros and Olympians Alike

Some of these olympic athletes include Tomas Johansson (1984 swedish olympic wrestling team), Martti Vainio (1984 finland olympic athlete), Nadzeya Ostapchuk (2012 Belarus women’s shot put), Adrian Andreev of the bulgarian olympic team, Recep Celik of the turkish athletics team, Lada Chernova of the russian olympic team,

Refusing to let itself be restricted solely to the olympic games, Primobolan went pro, Primobolan was used by quite a few big names in the sports world, including such people as Alex Rodriguez, Barry Bonds, Hedo Turkoglu (of the orlando magic).

Opinion on Steroid Use in Sports

Now don’t get me wrong, i’m not advocating for steroid use to be closely monitored in sports, rather, quite the opposite. If only we could see just how far the human body can be pushed, i want to see some amazing feats that just can’t be done without some chemical enhancement, call me old fashioned, but i think professional athletes are professional entertainers and for the money they’re being paid they should use every trick in the book to give us the best damn show they can.