Primobolan Side Effects

Because Primobolan is basically modified Dihydroboldenone it cannot be aromatized into estrogen or progesterone. Due to this inability to aromatize into estrogen or other female hormones it has a lot less side effects than most other steroids, additionally primobolan has been shown to actually reduce breast tumors as well.

Androgenic Side Effects of Primobolan

Due to it’s inability to be aromatized into estrogenic compounds, With primobolan (both oral and injectable primobolan) you don’t need to worry about feminizing effects like water retention, acne, and gynecomastasia. because of these differences it has become quite popular as a “safe” anabolic steroid.

Just because gyno sides are not an issue with primobolan, that does not mean that hair loss isn’t also a problem, in order to mitigate the hair loss potential most primobolan users tend to include Finasteride and Ketoconazole in their Primobolan cycle.

Liver Toxicity For Oral Primobolan

With oral steroids most athletes are typically concerned with liver damage, but since oral primobolan is not 17-alpha alkylated liver damage is nowhere near as large of a concern as it is with most others. This does not mean it is not a concern, it simply means you you can go longer on a primobolan only cycle than you could on a Winstrol Depot cycle.

Aromatization and Testosterone Suppression

Unlike Proviron, Primobolan will not work to prevent aromatization of other steroids you choose to stack alongside it. Due to this it is encouraged that if you stack Primobolan with other steroids (usually a good idea) it’s important to either utilize a substance with estrogen blocking properties.

Also it is important to note that Testosterone suppression happens with primobolan, a dose as low as only 25mg (which is too low to get real results from anyway) can cause your body’s natural testosterone production to drop by half, Primobolan is a VERY BAD BRIDGING STEROID! seriously, use something else.

Recovering From Test Suppression

Recovery from Testosterone suppression and the ability to pass preformance enhancement tests are two of the most common reasons to come off a cycle, as far as giving yourself a kickstart for recovery of testosterone production there are very few options, however there are some creative bridging techniques available with the use of proviron or other similar steroids.

Women Using Primobolan

Women using Primobolan should be looking out for signs of virilization (deepening voice, acne, facial and chest hair growth, and clitoral enlargement). If you see ANY of these signs, discontinue use immediately and see a doctor, sometimes discontinuing use will cause the virilization effects to fade away all by themselves, but if not, you may end up kicking yourself for not seeing a doc immediately. If virilization does start and you continue taking primobolan it can cause it to set in and become irreversable.